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Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha

Alternative : Pick Me Up, Infinite Gacha, 픽 미 업!

Author(s) : Hermod (헤르모드) – U-Ne Cho (조우네) – Wasakbasak

Status: Ongoing

Genres : Action – Adventure – Fantasy – Manhwa – Isekai

Views : 86,427,057

Rating : 

The mobile gacha game ‘Pick Me Up!’ is notorious for its extreme difficulty, with no one successfully clearing a dungeon.

Loki, ranked fifth among all world masters, loses consciousness attempting to clear the dungeon and wakes up transformed into a 1-star level 1 hero named ‘Islat Han’.

Convinced that Islat Han is responsible for his predicament, Loki must lead novice masters and heroes to conquer the 100th floor of the dungeon to return to Earth. “You messed with the wrong person”.

This is the tale of Master Loki, compelled to lead everyone to victory without the luxury of a single defeat.

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